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Why Consider a 3D Floor Plan Over 2D?

The best way to foresee a dream project is getting its planning converted into 3D format which would help in presenting a clear view of the structure. 3D floor plans include a combination of 2D and 3D techniques which facilitate an architect in getting a clear idea about the inner and outer spaces of the building and making changes if needed. 

Design Domain, one of the famous 3D interior designing companies in Patna holds a professional experience in making of expert floor plans for all types of constructions. Design domain makes sure there are no mistakes in the dimensions of floor plans and blends all the elements into one design to facilitate in making necessary changes as per specifications. 

We will suggest you 3 reasons why 3D floor plan design prove much helpful than obsolete 2D plans:

  •  Improved Quality: The realistic look of a property comes when 3D technology is being applied in carving out the real time structure of building from outside as well as inside. 3D technology identifies the flaws into the designs and gives a 360 degree view of the house. Adding furniture and creating solid models into 3D helps bring out the depth which is overlooked in 2D.

  •  Better Flexibility: 3D floor plans ensure better flexibility than 2D plans as advanced and quality focused 3D plans can be easily generated from a 2D model and can be presented in high resolution as final real time view. Changes as per architectures’ requirements or clients’ specifications can be done easily into a 3D plan.

  • Enhanced Interactivity: 2D plans have few limitations which can be easily overcome by 3D plans. 3D floor plans are loaded with innovative options which attract a viewer and create a better impression of the property which is impossible when presented in 2D.

3D floor plans can be animated and provide the user an opportunity to rotate the view and look at the building from all the perspectives. This allows better user experience and enhanced interactivity.

A great and effective 3D design can only be created by professionals’ designer from an experienced 3D interior designing company like Design Domain.

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