Design Domain is a Patna based brand promotion & website designing company which holds expertise in offering world-class designing services to clients across India. Oriented towards clients’ design needs since 2005, Design Domain is an established designing expert with a profound experience in highly detailed 3D visualization, graphic designing and web designing. Proffering fashionable and unique services to architectural firms, real estate marketers, builders and interior designers defines our vast portfolio.

Four Signs Your Website Design Is Unappealing

Sorry for the negativity, but every negative thought leads you towards bringing a positive change. This should be accepted that there is something much more important than having a website and it is- having an impressive website that solves your business objective.

Do you think your website is good enough? Decide on the below pointers:
  • Poor SEO: Admit it or not, without a better SEO you cannot get a better online traffic. It is one of the major components of your marketing strategy. Therefore, in order to keep the website active and lively, SEO should be taken care of. The moment you realize that your rankings are falling, you should start working on SEO.

  • Poor optimization for multiple platforms: With the advent of smart phones, there are nearly 80% of people who use a smart phone now a days. Therefore, it should be noted that your website should be optimized well to be easily viewed on mobiles.

  • Skipping Landing Pages: The concept of Landing Page generally captures the attention of the visitor by providing the required information and help achieve single goal from a single page. Skipping a good landing page may cost you in terms of flexibility.

  • Poor navigation: Poor navigation may be a reason to turn off the visitors as they seek a website which is more user-friendly and has a smooth navigation to the links and pages they want to go to. If your website has a poor navigation, there are chances of losing attention.
Once you are finished realizing these 4 drawbacks of your website, So visit Design Domain a leading website designing company in Patna and find out how we could help you get a perfect website design.

Design Domain And Its PEP Theory

Standing tall in the creative sector of business requires an ingenious and resourceful team, which can deliver services on time, with the required excellence without being very expensive. To achieve these goals, Design Domain a website designing company in Patna follows the PEP theory, which works on a 3 dimensional approach towards client satisfaction.
The PEP theory lengthens to the following 3 dimensions:

  • Price effectiveness:
Design Domain always makes sure that all the client needs are satisfied without any budgetary conflicts. We aim towards delivering the most innovative and cost effective services, which would give you all the value for the money that you are paying. The firm knows how to make your expenditure worth it.

  • Expertise:
It’s a matter of great pride for Design Domain, that the best experts are employed with the firm. The services that we deliver are a joint effort of fresh talent along with years of experience of our professionals, which is why every 3d model, every walk through and every plan made in our office is of the most impeccable quality.

  • Promptness:
Time and tide wait for none” and Design Domain swears by this saying. We know how important the time of our clients is, and we make sure that our services are delivered on the exact agreed time. Our punctuality is our key to success.

Design Domain a brand promotion company holds expertise in offering world-class designing services and offer a wide array services which include web designing, graphics, brochure, packaging design, folder, logo, stationery, hoardings, 3d interior, exterior, floor-plan, animation, walk-through and much more.

4 Extremely Helpful Brochure Designing Rules You Should Know

Every designing act has to be build on few definite rules so as to attain the prior objective behind its making. Similar is in the case of one of the most effective marketing tools i.e., the Brochures.

Design Domain is being known as best brochure & graphic designing company in patna and therefore to maintain the respectable position and offer the clients jaw-droppingly beautiful brochures, we also follow certain designing rules.

We hope these 4 rules will help you too in crafting out few best brochures:

  • Be playful with text and images:
Text and images have equally important roles to play. You will have to pay attention towards maintaining their weightage all over the brochure and see if they are not overdoing each other resulting into degrading of their purposes. You should balance both of them in order to express the aim more directly and effectively.

  • Highlight the strengths:
Always be clear and concise towards portraying the subject's strength into the brochure. If it is about a product, be sure that the product is highlighted through subtle and expressive images from all the angles.

  • Keep the content simple yet catchy:
A brochure makes more sense when it speaks sense through carefully chosen words. Do not overemphasize through technical jargons and cheesy words as they will make the reader confused. Always use better headlines and catchy taglines to convey what all the brochure is about.

  • Divide & Rule:
Think from the reader's perspective and divide the brochure into heads and subheads which will help them to conceive the message easily and flawlessly. This will help the readers find the information easily and will guide them to chose the area they are more keen to read.

Follow these simple yet effective brochure design rules and keep-up to your marketing goals.

Website Designing Funda By Design Domain

Designing a website with a long lasting effect and result-oriented approach is a typical task. Many website creators commit the same mistake of overloading the website with pile of information and buttons and eventually land up to slow loading of website as well as slow response from people as they get confused due to info-clutter. 

At Design Domain, the best website designing company in Patna, we believe in keeping it simple and making it large through: 

  • Keeping only what is useful: We believe in showing only what is needed for a company to persuade its customer to make purchase and nothing more than that. As simple as that!

  • Making it family-friendly: We believe that a website is successful if it is easily accessible by every age group and member who wishes to get the information or search for a product and this is possible if everything is kept simple and user-friendly.

  • Clean & less complex: Complex buttons, various links, small fonts are few factors that make a website more complex and less familiar to the visitor. We aim to remove the complexity factor from our designs and keep it simple.

  • Cutting the crap: A website leads to decision making. By making the websites free from ambiguous options and information and cutting down any uninvited display of products or information we ensure the visitor is able to make a quick decision.

These 4 ways, we try keeping the website designing services, simple and large.

3 Elements Of A Professionally Designed Brochure

A perfect brochure design communicates a brand’s motive to the onlooker, which means it is a right mix of bright elements and an expert implementation. Aesthetically designed brochures in combination with modern printing techniques let your business idea hit the right chords and lay a strong impression of your company.

It is generally thought that a physical brochure does not fit in the digital era, but this perception is wrong. A professionally brochure designing services with following three elements can be a vital marketing tool:

  • Brochure Cover that attracts:

There are chances your prospect customer is running out of time and is less prone to see your brochure if it has a dull and unappealing cover. To attract a prospect, an attractive and hard-hitting cover with powerful headline or visual is required.

  • Content that compels:

Prospective customers are not interested in knowing the history or details about your company rather they want to get informed about what benefits your product are doing to them and how these products would save them money, time and efforts. Therefore generating a crisp, relevant and to the point content makes more sense to the customers.

  • Creative design that generates call to action:

A traditional brochure design is outdated. A creative, artistic and realistic brochure with powerful design elements that voice the main objective of the brand and its relevance with the customer is the need of the hour. Since the primary focus of a brochure is to attract people and move them to buy the product, the brochure should be designed in a way to generate powerful call to action.

For, out of the box and attractive brochure designing services, Design Domain emerges as one of the best brochure design company in India.

How Professional Stationery Design Affect Your Brand’s Success

Professionally designed stationery works better than anything in favour of great business success. Whenever you hand over your business card or send across a business letter to someone, your business stationery design says it all about the brand. It creates a lasting impression on the minds of the other person and pays you off every time you use your business stationery.

Given below are few reasons why business stationery designed by a professional company like Design Domain is prone to enhance your business reputation.

  • Reliability: A neatly designed business stationery acts as the decisive factor in deciding your business should be trusted or not. If your stationery has that consistency and soberness in its appearance, it is likeable that people will treat your business as an ethical and trustworthy one.

  • Attractiveness: Your Business stationery ought to be attractive enough to surprise the existing as well as prospective clients. Stationery design includes letterheads, business cards and other printed materials which cannot be treated as a piece of paper. Instead, it should be designed in the most attractive way to reflect the objective of your business.

  • Creativity: At Design Domain, we tend to focus more on creativity aspect of your business stationery design. Connecting the design with your business objective in the most creative and innovative manner is our sole aim and thus we create such creative designs that help your brand stand apart from the rest.

  • Best marketing tool: Business stationery that includes- Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes, Invoices, Compliment slips, Brochures, Folders etc. help you market your business objective in a creative, credible and professional manner. Thus if you get it designed by a professional agency, it will surely gain you more business attention and reputation.

At Design Domain, we offer you best logo designing services, business card designing, letterhead, envelope, brochure and folder designing services at most affordable cost and with total professionalism.