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How Packaging Design Distinguishes Your Brand?

Effective packaging works as icing on the cake when it comes to placing the product in the front line. Product packaging design acts as a powerful visual element that constitutes a greater part of marketing mix. It helps build the brand identity and attract the prospective customers.

Be it a small daily need product or a product of mass appeal, it needs to be easily identifiable so that it could set itself apart from competition. And in order to be identified, it needs to be wrapped into an eye-catching and impressive piece of design, commonly known as packaging.

An effective packaging can help a product in following ways:

  • Status symbol: Packaging may be easily termed as a symbol of status that a brand holds in public. As a prospective buyer enters a shop he in different degrees is influence by different brands of the same product category. But only a neat, subtle and clean package design influences him and affects his decision. And a neat and clean packaging design is symbolizes the stature a brand maintains amongst the competition.

  • Gives identity to the brand: Packaging can be termed as the mirror image of a brand. It displays the ideology of the brand and reflects back the features and benefits of the product to the prospective customer. When a brand follows a similar packaging pattern for a long time, it becomes a distinguishing characteristic of the product and helps the customer to associate with the brand name easily.

  • Leaves an impact: Packaging influences a customer at large. An attractive packaging design attracts the customer, brings him closer to know more about the product in case of a new product and attracts him to buy the product. Creatively designed packaging leaves a long lasting impact of minds of customers which may eventually result into customer loyalty.

  • Raises brand value: Packaging designed under expert guidance, keeping in mind the vision, mission and aim of the brand, helps a brand to establish itself easily and increases its value on the eyes of customers. Packaging designed under parameters like- convenience, beauty, attractiveness, creativity and distinctiveness helps raise the brand value.

As branding professionals, we at Design Domain offer complete brand Promotion solutions to various big and small brands. We have discovered endless ways to make the packaging of products distinct and attractive. Creative packaging design is our largely explored domain and we do it the best.

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